February 21, 2018 | Michelle Curtis
Buying a home can be an emotional journey, however, if you add a divorce into the equation, it can make the process even harder. Here are some tips to help you handle the sale of property after a divorce.

  • Make sure and use a real estate agent with experience. If your agent is experienced, then he/she will know the best way to handle this situation. He/she may arrange for separate meetings to occur as to keep emotions in check.
  • Allow this real estate agent to walk you both through the process and take his/her advice. Both partners should agree to trust the agent hired which will benefit you both. This agent can take the emotion factor out of the selling process.
  • Getting the home ready to sell is an important factor. One helpful tip is to agree to hire a professional to handle the tasks that need to be done (i.e. painting, minor repairs, staging, etc.). By doing this, you make it easier on both partners.
  • Unfortunately, agreeing on an offer is a process that must be done with both partners. Both people must come to an agreement together. It would be helpful to everyone involved if both people understood this before the time comes.
  • If the divorce agreement has been finalized, the proceeds from the home could already be spelled out in the decree. If this is the case, neither person may have much of a say as to how to split the proceeds. Make sure and be familiar with how the proceeds are distributed so there will be no surprises.
I would be glad to be part of your journey and walk you through the selling process. When the time is right, give me a call.


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