March 21, 2018 | Tracie Ohlsen
Spring has sprung! For a lot of people that means it's time to clean. Here are five great cleaning hacks for the first day of spring:

1.  Use an old pillowcase to clean the blades on your overhead fans.  Put it around each blade to wipe them off.  The dust ends up in the pillowcase instead of on the floor.

2.  Clean window screens with a lint roller.  It might not get them completely clean, but it'll be good enough.  And you don't have to take the screens out to do it.

3.  Use wax paper to keep your chrome faucets clean.  After you clean your sink and bathtub, wipe down you chrome faucets with wax paper.  It puts a thin layer of wax on them, so they won't get water spots. It also works on shower curtain rods, and makes the curtain slide lot easier.

4.  Crayon marks on your walls? Yikes! Get crayon marks off with Windex.  Using a Magic Eraser and heating the marks up with a hair dryer can also help!

5.  Last, but not least - put a little Pine-Sol in your toilet brush holder.  It helps the bathroom smelling fresh, and it makes cleaning the toilet a little easier.

Happy spring!


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